Monday, September 17, 2007

Mike's Math

"My name's Mike Byster, and according to psychologists … I have one of the fastest mathematical minds in the world."

This is what Mike Byster told students at his "Mike's Math" seminars, and he wasn't exaggerating.

Mike Byster is a math teacher, but he's also a human calculator. He can answer complex math problems in front of his students instantaneously: Miss Lewis: "999 divides by 56?" Byster: "That equals 17.83928571."

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

International Mathematical Olympiad 2007, Hanoi-Vietnam

48th International Mathematical Olympiad
The International Mathematical Olympiad is an annual mathematical Olympiad for high school students, and every year it is hosted by a different country. Some countries have been the host nation for more than 1 time as Romania, USSR, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, United Kingdom, USA. The year 2007 marks the first time that Vietnam was the host country for the IMO - the 48th International Mathematical Olympiad, Hanoi, Vietnam, 19-31 July, 2007.

Periodic Table of Mathematicians

The Periodic Table of Mathematicians is a collection of facts on various mathematicians put in a periodic table format.