Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Mathematics Genealogy Project

The intent of this project is to compile information about ALL the mathematicians of the world. We earnestly solicit information from all schools who participate in the development of research level mathematics and from all individuals who may know desired information.

Please notice: Throughout this project when we use the word "mathematics" or "mathematician" we mean that word in a very inclusive sense. Thus, all relevant data from statistics, or computer science or operations research is welcome.

In the following paragraphs we shall try to outline our goals and our underlying philosophy for the GENEALOGY PROJECT. It is our goal to list all individuals who have received a doctorate in mathematics. For each individual we plan to show the following:

  • The complete name of the degree recipient.

  • The name of the university which awarded the degree.

  • The year in which the degree was awarded.

  • The complete title of the dissertation.

  • The complete name(s) of the advisor(s).

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