Thursday, April 26, 2007

An XSL Calculator: The Math Modules of FXSL

Here's a helpful website for doing math problems using XSLT. Section #2 leads to an XSL calculator using the FXSL library.

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Dimitre said...

FXSL has quite of support for Math operations:

Exponential and logarithmic functions;

Trigonometic and hiperbolic-trigonometric functions

Reverse trigonometric and reverse hyperbolic functions

Finding the root of a function of one real argument using Newton-Raphston and the binary-search algorithms

Generation of sequences of random numbers with values in a given interval and with certain distributions.

Numerical differentiation.

Numerical integration.

Testing primality of natural numbers.

Generation of Fibonacci numbers.

Did I forget something? :o)

Dimitre Novatchev